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Rates and Insurance:

My rates are commensurate with other specialized social workers in the greater Richmond and Virginia area. I believe in the importance of transparency and therefore choose to share my rates online rather than ask that you contact me to request them.

In addition to your session time, my rates cover the time that I spend in between appointments on various tasks such as: phone calls, research for other resources you may need, reviewing your progress, preparing needed paperwork, and most importantly, considering how to best help you. I accept credit cards or direct pay transfers.

I offer a limited number of discounted therapy slots to those experiencing financial hardship.  If my fee does not make therapy accessible to you, please ask me about reduced rates.

Individual In-Office and Tele-Mental Health Therapy  (Virginia only):

The frequency and session length of therapy depend upon your individual situation. Generally, a client starts out with weekly or bi-weekly intensive 90-minute sessions to work on addressing symptoms and returning to stability in life.

Depending on the client’s needs and treatment progress, the treatment frequency is reduced to bi-monthly sessions, later monthly, and lastly check-up sessions as needed. Because therapy is an individualized process, your unique situation will determine the length and frequency of therapy.

Ilona offers a sliding fee schedule driven by annual household income making treatment affordable based on the client’s circumstances.

Individual In-Office and Online Sessions

Also offering EMDR Intensives.


I provide a 15-minute FREE Consultation so you can ask questions and get to know me and my approach to therapy before committing to an intake appointment.


Why Am I Not On Insurance Panels?

In my private practice, I am not accepting health insurance. Depending on the situation of a client not using insurance for therapy services can present beneficial. Clients that I see prefer the anonymity and full confidentiality that out of pocket payments provide.

Insurance companies collect data, including: frequency of visits, types of visits, diagnosis codes (required for medical necessity), treatment plans, and have access to progress notes, treatment summaries, and diagnostic assessment evaluations. In addition, for some clients co-payment to utilize their insurance can be high.

I understand that not everyone is able to afford to pay out of pocket for my services. For this reason, I maintain a limited number of financial hardship slots. Please, do not hesitate to ask me about my reduced rate.

You may be able to pay for therapy out of your pre-tax income using an HSA or FSA account.

Also, here are a few more things to consider when deciding between using your health insurance vs. out of network services:  In order for you to use your insurance, a therapist will need to give you a mental health diagnosis.  This diagnosis is sent to your insurance provider and the provider can either approve or deny your therapy based on what the diagnosis is. 

Every couple of sessions your therapist will need to submit documentation stating that you still have this mental diagnosis in order for you to continue treatment.  Having a documented mental health diagnosis can have unintended consequences such as when purchasing health or life insurance you may be asked the question “do you have a mental health diagnosis”. 

Answering yes to this question may have an impact on your ability to secure health or life insurance.  Additionally, some careers may ask the question “have you or do you currently have a mental health diagnosis”.  Having a documented mental health diagnosis may affect your career and ability to obtain employment in your field.  

I hope this information is helpful for you in making a decision on how to best take care of your health.

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Online Therapy?

I offer in-office as well as online therapy to my clients. This means that we can work together in the same physical space or miles apart. Offering online therapy allows for a great deal of flexibility allowing you to balance your busy lifestyle with maintaining your health.

The therapy location you choose comes down to your personal preference and lifestyle as online therapy has been shown as effective as in-office therapy. Here are some reasons why people may consider online therapy as an option for treatment:

Online therapy allows for convenient appointment times that fit into your busy schedule. We can meet during your lunch break or on your day off without you having to take extra time off or leave your work or home.

No driving to the therapy office. Online counseling removes the hassle and stress of commuting to and from your therapy appointment. No more traffic, bad weather, etc. I am all about helping you create a less stressful environment.

The comfort of meeting in a space that is yours, that you’ve designed or are familiar with. Because we meet online, you get to decide where you do your therapy sessions.